Our Values are the foundation of what we do and guide us in developing our relationships with clients, colleagues and community.

  • We think and behave respectfully and ethically.
  • We are accountable for our decisions and actions.
  • We anticipate change with creativity and flexibility.
  • We adapt as threats emerge and innovate as opportunities allow.
  • We understand our clients through immersion in their environment.
  • We enable thinking beyond traditional boundaries.
  • We collaborate with clients, colleagues and community for positive engagement.
  • We promote the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

Our structure.

At SBG Corporate we perform business reconstruction services, transaction services, corporate strategy, geodemographic market assessments, financial modelling, M&A, investment banking, capital raise (debt / equity) and business reconstruction and improvement services, and project finance.

At SBG Projects we develop property and infrastructure master plans and business cases, perform economic modelling, and arrange structured finance and implement projects through to completion.

Our work.

DNA depicted by the double helix is associated with transmission of genetic information that distinguishes you from others. It’s what makes you unique. This science, recognising unique attributes of our clients, guides our work and strengthens differentiation from competitors.

Our approach.

Our flexible business model allows us to act quickly with excellent yet economical service for private sector enterprises and governments.

Our preferred approach is to work closely with management (as an extension to in-house resources) to map a clear direction that brings confidence and certainty into investment decisions.