Through SBG Corporate we work with you to improve the potential of your business and investments; providing business reconstruction services, market assessments, financial modelling, business planning, strategic reviews, and transaction services including M&A, investment banking / capital raise to support operating growth plans and project finance to develop infrastructure.

Through SBG Projects we enhance property and infrastructure project developments and program outputs; providing feasibility study, financial modelling, business case development, project finance and implementation services, and project management.

Whether early in the life cycle or during a period of significant change, we work with clients to prepare realistic master plans for growth. We address the health of under-performing assets and infrastructure, and ensure operational plans and capital investment programs align.
Our investment strategies and corporate plans are tailored to the aspirations of our clients.
  • We develop bold business transformation plans to improve operational performance.
  • Our research & modelling is revealing, utilising latest data analytics & geodemographic frameworks to inform business forecasts and facilitate decision making.
  • We tailor transaction services to align with business objectives and market opportunities.
  • We successfully manage & advise enterprises start-up, reconstruction & growth to achieve aspirations & interests of stakeholders.
  • We identify strategies for improvement of real estate and infrastructure assets.
  • We develop realistic project scoping plans and financial feasibility studies, and implement these effectively.
  • We develop coherent programs that strengthen organisations and promote social cohesion.

Our commitment

SBG Advisory’s perseverance to stay the course and satisfy client interests has resulted in appointments that have extended for many years. We build long-term valuable relationships with clients and stakeholders.

You are to be commended for your ability to not lose sight of our overall objective whilst balancing the various and sometimes competing interests of those involved in what has been a high profile and sensitive political environment over many years.

Director, business transformation and infrastructure project (10-year AUD500million)

Thanks for the integrity you brought to the job, it’s not always like that. We have appreciated working with you. From our perspective it feels like everyone has come out a winner.

Director, asset improvement project

Our clients

Our clients include listed and unlisted companies, SMEs, businesses requiring restructure, start-up businesses facing challenges and mature businesses seeking growth and governments at all levels. We represent our private client interests with concern and creativity.