Speaking of making plans; plans are usually framed in the context of a set of parameters (or key influencers) that one believes to be important in guiding our decision-making. At the time that decisions are made; for example, to invest, or realise an investment or implement a change in lifestyle, we tend to scan the ‘horizon of possibilities’ (Yuval Noah Harari 2015), because we can…to secure that which our imagination has convinced us is achievable. This ability to deliver a vision set by our imagination is quite a powerful attribute that we are told is exclusive to we humans, homo sapiens. But for all our abilities and talents that set us apart from the animal kingdom, we rely upon sets of rules that allow us to confidently set off down a track and achieve the dream or realise the objective. Without these rules and structure, even compelling visionary plans can be stymied by unforeseen irregularities or changes, and worse, orderly conduct in our community can descend into a chaos. This week has presented to Australians a high profile example of how rules can be abused; the premeditated actions of what are reported to be the actions of three members of our Australian cricket team, who planned then implemented a brazen strategy to cheat. Whether or not the disciplinary action is viewed as being adequate, the damage to the reputation of Australian cricket and cricket generally is going to be difficult to remedy. Going a little further, the potential impact such a public action has had to our reputation in other sports, as we host the Commonwealth Games, and in business, is yet to be gauged. Others looking into Australia, may see this action as indicative of a broader national lack of respect for the ‘rules of the game’. Thankfully, our Prime Minister has been, to use cricket vernacular, on the front foot, in not just deflecting the issue, but fronting up and straight batting, blocking any thought other than our absolute dismissal of this action and making it clear, our country does not accept such behaviours. Also thankfully, our journalists are unanimous in the perspective, weighing in with clear statements decrying this awful performance and the potential damaging effect upon our national identity. The rules of the game are clear, let’s play by them.

Playing by the Rules of the Game