The common currency of smart phones and tablets amongst visitors today has revolutionised the use of guided information about venues and tours. At SBG Advisory, we produce Apps and undertake all necessary research, interpretation and content creation and management that can be accessed by customers from their personal handheld communication devices.

Our SBG Advisory UK team developed a GPS-triggered App for the botanic gardens at Birr Castle in Ireland that has radically improved the availability of information about the gardens and arboretum leading to a significant increase in visitor numbers. ‘View from the Train’ provides innovative information about key historical and natural history stories along all the main tourist train journeys in Scotland.

Our SBG Advisory Australian team developed the framework for an App that enables health professionals to easily procure demographic data (not private clinical patient history) to generate trends in patient behaviour and convenience factors to generate a clearer understanding of reasons for non-essential yet increasing attendances at emergency receptions at hospitals. With CMC Associates Australia we have also developed the framework for an App that supports the interests of boutique (and under-resourced) grape growers / wine makers throughout Australia enabling easy access to global consumer markets.