Multimedia / Social Media

For over twenty years now members of SBG Advisory’s European and Australian team have been at the forefront of the use of digital media to enhance cultural heritage projects and to enhance private sector business practices and access to consumers. Technology advances including hardware and software continue; most dramatically in recent years with the advent of smart phones and tablets that have fuelled the emergence of social media and quick time interaction among communities. We are at the forefront of intellectual and technical development of platforms that involve arts / cultural heritage rich content and latest device technologies to easily connect professionals with external local communities and businesses (Scottish Towns Project and Lanark).

Our recent work includes developing content and systems utilising web based ‘cloud’ technologies for member based organisations and related loyalty programs, advancing upon the use of apps as a means of providing convenient and easy access to information for customers, and enabling increased levels of brand recognition.

SBG Advisory Incubator provides clients considering application of emerging technologies with an appropriate environment for further idea generation and to test theories.