Our people have produced dozens of multimedia programmes and technology installations for our clients over the years including Museums of Scotland and National Gallery of Victoria as part of those world class redevelopment projects.

We continue to act for cultural institutions that experienced business transformation as result of the advent of multimedia in the last decade of the previous century. During that period we established a reputation in the market place for success in guiding clients through this transformation process, identifying the need to establish new multi-media departments within the business structure, implications for operational resources and defining rich content outputs possible due to technology advances.

Today, our multi-media programmes can appear as portable Apps on smart phones and tablets where the content is triggered by proximity or GPS location. One of the first of these was for the National Trust for Scotland’s new visitor centre at Culloden battlefield. We developed rich content and technology installations within the building including immersive cinema, soundscapes and animated character stations deployed using ground-breaking GPS-triggered handsets. With advances in hardware components being upgraded the multimedia content is designed with functionality and quality attributes that allow content to be archived and then simply reversioned and redeployed.

Our recent work includes developing content and systems utilising web based ‘cloud’ technologies for member based organisations and related loyalty programs, advancing upon the use of apps as a means of providing convenient and easy access to information for customers.