Member Services

SBG Advisory has advised private member services organisations in relation to their future operations and infrastructure requirements. Some of the great institutions generate loyalty of their members allowing them to operate without much problem over a lengthy period, providing programs , services and amenities that seem to satisfy Member expectations. However, innovation in customer services, desire for improved quality and comfort, and constantly increasing competition almost invariably requires member services organisations to review their service offering and asses the capacity and capability of infrastructure.

At SBG Advisory we work closely with our clients (including The Alexandra Club and Monash University) to consider operational circumstances, relevant market forces and advancements in built and technology infrastructure to develop strategies for the future.

We have successfully worked client side to develop valuable and informative feasibility studies incorporating complex operations forecasting and capital budgeting techniques, supporting infrastructure development plans that are founded upon sound business strategies.

Strategic advisor and project development manager to Alexandra Club including development of feasibility study and business case, assessing multiple options for redevelopment ($12.5Mil. to $32Mil.) incorporating complex operations forecasting and capital budgeting modelling techniques.