St. Vincent’s Hospital

SBG Advisory team have performed project assessment and implementation services for the Sisters of Charity, involving medical consulting suites and development and commissioning of a new renal lithotripsy unit.

Responsibilities associated with the medical consulting suites included assessment of existing facilities, demand studies and development of options that satisfy projected demand, developing the client brief, preparation of business case and financial forecasts, appointment of specialist consultants and implementation of the projects. We reported to executive management, sub-committees of Board and to the Board. We liaised with medical practitioners and specialists to ensure the client brief was meeting expectations.

In relation to the renal lithotripsy facility, we developed a strategy enabling renal in-patient treatment becoming an out-patient treatment and releasing renal beds and wards for re-allocation as acute coronary care in-patient beds and wards. The impact of reduced waiting lists for coronary care was factored into the feasibility study as a key key benefit and this contributed to strengthening the case for change and the business need.

We ensured project information transfer to in-house resources and legacy project processes.