Council of Europe

Members of SBG Advisory’s UK team worked with the Council of Europe to produce ‘Crossroads of European Histories’. We worked with history teachers from across Europe leading a number of workshops designed to exchange ‘best practice’ in teaching history within schools across Europe. We looked at how to teach about five significant past conflict events between 1845 and 1989 that changed the course of European history and drew analogies for teaching about more recent European conflicts. Central to the teaching of conflict history was the importance of adopting a ‘multiperspectival’ approach that established the historical importance of viewing the crisis from as many perspectives as the evidence allowed.

We built content rich resources for teachers to use and teaching packs that facilitated best practice learning methodologies, and an interactive content rich timeline was published as a multimedia CD-ROM by the Council of Europe. The use of the CD-ROM platform was chosen as the ‘lowest common denominator’ for schools across Europe.